Sandpoint announces leaf pickup dates

By Reader Staff

The city of Sandpoint has scheduled its annual citywide branch pickup for April 12-16. All branches must be in place by April 11 for pickup, as city crews will not come through a second time.

Pickup guidelines include:

• Stack all brush and branches lengthwise in the street along the curb — do not place branches on lawns. No leaves or bagged leaves;

• The maximum branch diameter is four inches and no longer than six feet. Larger branches or stumps will not be picked up;

• Do not mix brush piles with other items such as leaves, grass clippings, building materials, timbers, or commercial contractor generated tree waste. Crews will not remove mixed piles.

Residents should prune branches that might overhang sidewalks to keep walkways clear and usable. Trees should also be trimmed a minimum of seven feet above the sidewalks and streets.

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