POAC announces 2021-’22 Performing Arts season

By Reader Staff

The Pend Oreille Arts Council announced its first full season of live performances since the COVID-19 pandemic cut short the 2019-’20 season. POAC’s 2021-’22 season will include eclectic performances ranging from flamenco fusion and classic jazz to live theater and local dance, all taking place onstage at the Historic Panida Theater. The season kicks off this fall and continues through the spring. Ticket prices range from $5-27 and went on sale Sept. 1. 

Tickets to all performances are available at the POAC Office, 110 Main St., Ste. 101 in downtown Sandpoint, online at ArtinSandpoint.org or by calling 208-263-6139.

Barrio Manouche will play at the Panida Theater Friday, Nov. 19. Courtesy photo.

Friday, Oct. 29: Okaidja Afroso — Afro pop singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Ghana, West Africa. All tickets $22.

Friday, Nov. 19: Barrio Manouche — Flamenco fusion Gypsy jazz from Spain to San Francisco. All tickets $22.

Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 29 and 30: This Winter Night  — POAC partners with Allegro Dance Studio and Suzuki String Academy for a special evening of music and dance pairings inspired by winter themes. Tickets $25-35.

Friday, Feb. 18: Living Voices — The popular theatrical partnership with Living Voices is back with a production of “Through the Eyes of a Friend,” the enduring, inspiring story of Anne Frank told from a unique perspective. All tickets $16.

Friday, March 18: Paul Beaubrun — Haitian singer and multi-instrumentalist, son of Lolo and Manze Beaubrun, of the Grammy-nominated band Boukman Ekperyans, weaving together Haitian roots music with reggae and rock ’n’ roll in his own “roots blues” style. All tickets $22.


Saturday, April 23: Missoula Children’s Theater presents Rumpelstiltskin — Casting a host of local children of all ages for a local production of the fairytale classic. Tickets $5-15.

Thursday, May 19: Brubeck Brothers Quartet — An exciting jazz quartet featuring the gifted sons of legendary jazz musician Dave Brubeck. Dan Brubeck (drums) and Chris Brubeck (bass and trombone) carry on the family name of one of America’s most accomplished musical families, joined by guitarist Mike DeMicco and pianist Chuck Lamb. All tickets $27.

Visiting performers also participate in POAC’s Ovations program, a free K-12 outreach that provides quality educational experiences in the performing arts for students who would otherwise not have these opportunities. In addition to all public performances at the Panida, workshops, performances and outreach programs are planned throughout the year in the Lake Pend Oreille School District.

“From the classics, to culturally diverse contemporary musicians, dancers, actors and spoken-word artists, POAC has a long tradition of presenting performances geared for audiences of all ages at affordable prices,” said POAC Executive Director Tone Lund. “We are excited to be able to get back to bringing exceptional artistic quality, theatrical excitement and inspiration to the Sandpoint community through the performing arts.”

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