‘P.S. Your Cat is Dead’ play to show at Heartwood

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

We’ve all had bad days, but for New York actor Jimmy, New Year’s Eve is a doozy.

His girlfriend has dumped him, his best friend is dead, he’s been robbed twice and, oh yeah, his cat is dead. So when he finds a burglar, Vito, in his apartment, it’s perhaps understandable that he flies off the handle. Before he knows it, Vito is tied to his kitchen sink, and Jimmy has a new problem on his hands. The interactions that follow lead the pair to some surprising places.

That’s the premise behind “P.S. Your Cat Is Dead,” the latest play presented by local theater staple Dorothy Prophet. It’s the first show put on by Cade Prophet Memorial Productions, which stages theater to raise money for Panhandle Animal Shelter in honor of Prophet’s late son.

“When my son died, we wanted to honor him, so we had people make donations to the Panhandle Animal Shelter instead of sending flowers,” Prophet said. “It’s more productive and positive — it does something. And Cade loved cats.”

Prophet plans to put on two shows a year under the production banner. The first takes place Memorial weekend, which is when Cade died.

“All proceeds of the Memorial weekend show will always go to Panhandle Animal Shelter in Cade’s honor,” Prophet said. “Then we will do a show in the fall that will hopefully help us fund the Memorial Weekend show. Currently this is all out of pocket. But we will not touch the proceeds to cover costs. It will all go to the shelter.”

Catch “P.S. Your Cat Is Dead” 7 p.m., Saturday, May 26, or 2 p.m. Sunday, May 27, at the Heartwood Center. Tickets are $10 for students and seniors or $12 for general admission. The play features harsh language and other adult content and is appropriate for ages 16 or above.

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