Northern Lights launches solar project

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

Northern Lights customers have a bright new way to earn credit on their energy bill.

The energy company cut the ribbon Monday on its new cooperative community solar project, a new solar system that allows members to purchase shares and reap the benefits of its power generation. Of the system’s 386 solar units — each of which produce approximately 165 kilowatt hours of energy per year— around 172 are still available for purchase at $300 per unit. Members are allowed a maximum of five units. The cost of the units can be finances over 12 months on a member’s electric bill.

“We are excited about community solar, which will allow NLI members to benefit from this increasingly popular source of electricity, while providing educational opportunities for local residents and experience for NLI as we plan for the future,” said NLI President Steve Elgar.

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