Mostly Clean Comedy Night brings PG-13 laughs to the Panida Theater

By Zach Hagadone
Reader Staff

It’s a well known fact that “clean” comedy is much harder to do than dipping into the raunch. Real life may well be R-rated (at best), but it takes real skill to translate the human experience into something relatable, hilarious and relatively free of obscenity. That’s the specialty of a trio of comics set to appear Friday, Aug. 19 at the Panida Theater.

Hosted by Jody Carroll, the Mostly Clean Comedy Night features Charles Hall, Jr. and Ryan McComb.

Carroll is a well known Priest River-based TikTokker with nearly 1 million likes and 96,000 fans, with her most famous online routine focused on a deadpan parody HGTV-style tour of her cluttered home entryway. Her quips on Twitter include zingers like, “Overheard in North Idaho: If you don’t like the weather ’round here, just wait a few minutes. It won’t change, but the hooch’ll kick in”; “A man who doesn’t replace his car before 450 million miles and can’t throw away any shoes is annoying. But he will never divorce you”; and, “We are empty nesters. Yep. Our four kids are at the age where they move out of the house. And it’s been really sad. Because they didn’t.”

See her in action on TikTok (@jodycarrollcomedy), Instagram (jodycarrollcomedy), YouTube and on Twitter (@jodyccomedy). 

Comedy fans might recognize Hall from his last appearance in Sandpoint, in June, as part of the “Lost in Idaho” show, which included both local and regional performers. 

Hall is certainly both “local and regional” — and even “national” — starting his career in 2019 in Seattle and quickly going on to open a number of stand-ups while headlining and featuring in comedy shows around the country. 

Now based in Spokane, he was voted one of the Lilac City’s funniest comedians, with his routine focused on quirky observations about everyday life and what it’s like to be a dad. 

With 60,000 followers on social media and more than 2 million likes, Hall can safely be described as “a rising star.” Find more about his act at

Fellow Spokane comic Ryan McComb is a big name in his hometown, regularly hosting and, last year, headlining at the Spokane Comedy Club and drawing a lot of ink from local newspapers like the Spokesman-Review and Inlander for his presence on the standup scene — which includes winning the 2018 Valleyfest Clean Comedy Cup.

He might be considered a “Spokane comic” for now, but that’s going to change soon, as he announced at the end of July that he’ll be pulling up stakes and taking his routine to Nashville.

McComb has already performed at clubs across the country, bringing his storytelling prowess to audiences as far afield as Boston. His sets are full of narrative gems, peppered with incisive, self-deprecating regional references. Catching him at the Panida for the Mostly Clean Comedy Night will be a rare opportunity to see this up-and-comer before he packs his bags for bigger things. Check out his act on his YouTube channel, and learn more at

The Mostly Clean Comedy Night is set for 8 p.m. on Friday, with doors open 30 minutes before the show. Tickets are $20 in advance at and $25 at the door, which is located at 300 N. First Ave. in downtown Sandpoint. As its name suggests, the event is rated PG-13. For more info, call the Panida Theater at 208-263-9191 or visit

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