Where is the Line…?

Dear Editor,

Donald Trump said his supporters would let him commit murder. I DON’T BELIEVE IT! My question is where do you, Trump supporter, draw the line?

I’ve heard Trump praised for being an honest liar. His shameful performance in Helsinki was described in a letter as the act of a good father. Too bad he isn’t polite to our allies. He threw Theresa May under the double decker bus, and Canada is our enemy while Russia is not.

So where is the line? Another Trump supporter said she would let him do anything if she likes his policies. She hated Obama’s executive orders but is fine with sabotaging the health care system with executive overreach. How does she feel about the president waving his executive pen and deciding terrorists can print their own untraceable, undetectable plastic guns?

How about Trump’s lies about sex? Trump said he didn’t have sex with those porn stars while married. OK, he did, but he didn’t pay to cover it up during the election. OK, he did, but that isn’t a crime, or if it is he’s above the law and can’t be prosecuted.

Russia? My team didn’t meet with Russia, said Trump. OK, they did, but it wasn’t about Hillary. OK, it was, but they didn’t get anything, so meeting with a foreign government to throw an election is OK.

Trump has suggested removing citizen’s voting rights, attacking journalists and imprisoning Hillary. Where is there a line you won’t let him cross?

Mary Haley

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