Lockwood for Bonner Co. Commissioner…

Dear Editor,

There is a long-time friend of the community, who will work for ALL county residents and will bring a breath of fresh air to our County Commission. His name is Steve Lockwood.

Some highlights:

 Steve is a strong advocate for public education and has served on the Lake Pend Oreille School Board.

 He supports Medicaid Expansion. Not only will it help workers and families who need medical insurance, but it will save money by bringing back more federal dollars to Idaho’s counties.

He will work to promote good-paying jobs and affordable housing for working families.

He wants to ensure that our county has a strong seat at the table and to find out how our air- and water-quality might be adversely affected by the Newport Smelter.

As a problem solver, Steve says there is no Republican nor Democrat way to fix roads and bridges – only an effective way. He is a fiscal conservative, and with his valuable management experience, he can give tax payers the best service at the lowest cost.

Finally, it’s time for transparency of the County Commission. Steve promises to open the doors and windows! It’s time for a change for the better, so get out and vote for Steve Lockwood as your new Bonner County Commissioner this November.  

Philip Deutchman

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