Vote for Mike Boeck…

Dear Editor,

I  urge voters in District 1 to vote for Mike Boeck in the May 15 Republican primary elections. Mike is a fourth generation resident of Bonner County, and is very qualified to do the job in Boise. I have personally met with him about the issues I feel are important to the people of our region: education, economic development (JOBS!), infrastructure, natural resources, protection of the environment, affordable healthcare, and serving the needs of the people in northern Idaho.

I have found Mike Boeck to be constructive, a collaborator and believes in the power of dialogue. He has been active in the Republican Party of Bonner County for decades, and has stuck to his conservative principles.

Mike Boeck needs our vote, which requires each voter to be informed and eligible  to VOTE in the MAY 15 primary BEFORE MARCH 9!

Step 1. Get to know Mike Boeck.

Campaign website:


Step 2. BEFORE MARCH 9, make sure you are registered unaffiliated or a Republican voter in Bonner or Boundary County able to vote in May 15 Republican Primary. An “unaffiliated“ voter may affiliate with a political party by filing a signed form with the County Clerk up to and including Election Day.   Idaho Voter registration form is available for download: Register in person, make sure of your eligibility to vote in the primary elections at Boundary or Bonner County Administration Building.

ONLINE:  The State of Idaho new voter registration site,  you can register or update your voter information (update affiliation)  if you have a valid Idaho drivers license or ID card at

Step 3.  Tell you friends and neighbors about the opportunity for positive change, and urge them to VOTE for Mike Boeck May 15.

Step 4. VOTE  May 15 MIKE BOECK.


Jonathan Quinn-Hurst
Priest River

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