UI enters contingent sale for Boyer property

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

Sandpoint City Administrator Jennifer Stapleton confirmed Aug. 14 that the University of Idaho has begun sales negotiations regarding the university’s property on North Boyer in Sandpoint.

“I know that they have entered into a contingent sale,” Stapleton said.

The 75-acre, largely undeveloped property has been on the market since late 2018. Though Sandpoint originally set sights on the property as a city-owned recreation area, those plans fell through when grant money couldn’t cover the entire property price tag.

University of Idaho Director of Communications Jodi Walker told the Reader on Aug. 13 that the Idaho State Board of Education will discuss the Sandpoint property at its Aug. 28-29 meeting in Pocatello, but wouldn’t comment further. 

“As the regents of the University of Idaho, they have the final authority on this subject and we cannot get ahead of their action,” Walker said, adding that the agendas for State Board meetings are typically posted to boardofed.idaho.gov the Monday prior.

According to city officials, the potential buyer of the property is contractor Tim McDonnell. The Reader contacted McDonnell for comment but did not receive a reply before press time.

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