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Dear Editor,

There are clear difference between the candidates running for the State Representative in District 1 Position A. Kate McAlister has strong positive positions in areas that are very important to the constituents of District 1. Her opponent has taken pride in voting No on most all legislation that would have been of benefit to the residents of North Idaho.

Kate will work to increase funding for education. She  supports working men and women and is committed to continuation of job development. She has received the endorsement from the Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry (IACI). Prior to their endorsement of Kate, IACI had never endorsed a candidate running against an incumbant legislator. She supports keeping our public lands public to be enjoyed for generations to come. She also is supportive of Close the Gap Idaho which is working to ensure an efficient and cost-effective solution for health care to thousands of working families who currently fall in the insurance gap.

Kate has a proven record of experience, leadership, community service and working cooperatively with diverse groups and individuals for solutions to problems facing North Idaho. Please join me in supporting Kate McAlister for State Representative District 1, Position A.


Marcy Cope

Hope, ID

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