Elect Hillary Clinton…

Dear Editor,

Hillary Clinton has been hounded and vilified by the hysterical right wing for over 25 years. With all the allegations and investigations against her, Hillary has not been found to engage in anything illegal. And news journalists, through superficial coverage, have played a role in a constant press theme against her. It seems that when the press gets a bone in their jaws, they won’t let go, even if there is no marrow in it.

After so many attacks, over a long period of time, she may have become insular, leading to a reluctance, at first, to open up her “damn emails.” But again, there has not been any evidence of illegality. The right wing cannot cite a rational reason for their pathological hatred against her.

To Hillary’s credit: She is well-informed on the issues, she fought for the rights of women and girls at home and abroad, she supports education and making public colleges debt free, she supports expanding Social Security and Medicare, and she supports closing income inequality. Furthermore, she doesn’t quit, and she takes in new evidence to adjust her views as she learns and changes. Because of the quite progressive Democratic-party platform, which she publicly advocates, she has moved her views from center-right to center-left. This opens up the opportunity for a more progressive future for our country, especially for our youth.

Now that leaders like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren support Hillary Clinton, so do I; and, I urge your support for her as well.

Philip A. Deutchman


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