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Dear Editor,

I’ve read many letters to the editor and online posts saying the Facilities Planning Committee was hand-picked by Superintendent Shawn Woodward. I served on this committee and while not sure if I was “hand-picked,” I am honored that I was asked. Perhaps volunteering weekly in the schools is an indicator that I would be willing to attend 7 a.m. meetings and have a base knowledge of the schools.

I have spent time in the following classrooms on a weekly basis over the past 10 years: Mrs. Randles, Mrs. Stoll, Mrs. Arndt, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Loveless, Mrs. Moore, Mrs. Darling, Mrs. Dickinson, Mrs. Gaddie, Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Delucchi, and countless hours in the library at Sandpoint Middle School grading papers. I can tell you from first-hand experience, these classrooms are past their useful lives.

The deterioration of these buildings has not snuck up on anyone. Matt Diel and the facilities team at LPOSD have done an amazing job to keep them functional this long.

Perhaps I was asked to be on the committee because I have a local perspective. My grandfather moved to Sandpoint in 1934. I donít believe being a local means I get any special treatment or that I know any secrets to making Sandpoint great. I chose to stay here and raise my family because Sandpoint is a giving community full of community support.

Come on Bonner County; let’s show our kids that great Sandpoint support. We are long past the “replace this and replace that” stage. These buildings are old. Anyone who challenges that just needs to take a tour and see behind the scenes. Get yourself educated on the state of the schools and join me in voting yes!

Jacinda Bokowy

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