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Dear Editor,

I have been an active attendee of the Bonner County Commissioners’ weekly meetings for six years. I have been very impressed with what Commissioner Dan McDonald has accomplished during his first term. In 2016 Dan campaigned on responsible, business-oriented management of the county’s budget and assets and bringing a cultural change to local government oriented on customer service and supervisory responsibility.

Dan’s tenure and track record show that he has fulfilled his campaign promises, which include: reducing the county’s budget by almost $8 million dollars, reducing the number of department heads, moving the county into self-insured status saving hundreds of thousands of dollars and re-tasking Road and Bridge to maintain the investment in county roads.

Moving beyond his campaign promises, McDonald created a procurement/project manager position to take advantage of collective purchasing. To date, this position has saved the County $600,000. Additionally, this new position also has a focus on project management, a position that protects the taxpayer’s interests on county projects and reduces liability.

Clearly Commissioner McDonald has proven his effectiveness as a commissioner and representative of the people of Bonner County. Vote Dan McDonald for Bonner County Commissioner.

Victoria Zeischegg

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