Scott’s Behavior Erratic…

Dear Editor,

As Ben delivered the Reader Thursday at Tango, a tagline on the bottom of the front page caught everyone’s eye. It stated, “Rep. Scott under fire for claiming female lawmakers only advance via sexual favors.”

I was shocked and saddened to see and then read the article on page 9. I did not vote for Heather and I did support Kate McAlister so I want to be clear on this before I continue. That being said, I resolved that in 2017 I would choose and use my words carefully in order to bring us together as neighbors and as residents of Bonner County. I am in hope that the people who are close to Heather, her loved ones, friends, neighbors will reach out to her and help her.

Several negative words were used to describe her recent behavior. Among these words were paranoid, aggressive, erratic, and persecution. The opposite of paranoid is balanced. The opposite of aggressive is amenable. The opposite of erratic is dependable. The opposite of persecution is helpful. Think of what she could do for all of Bonner County and her constituents if she were balanced, amenable, dependable, and helpful. I am glad to see the leaders in Boise intervened on her behalf and removed her from some of her duties. It was time for an intervention. Unfortunately I believe, as legislators, they were limited in making a difference in Heather’s life. I hope she seeks help or her loved ones insist on it. Mental illness is often overlooked as we are witness to on a daily basis in the headlines of the news.

Marlene Petersen

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