Earth is at Stake…

Dear Editor and sisters, grandmas, mothers, aunties, women,

Let’s figure out our strategies. Regardless of the dismantling right now, this dismantling is but a brief moment, and things, policies, programs, and committees–just everything–needs to be reflected on, fine-tuned, and/or let go of. And then created anew.

Keep considering the enormous impact of the Women’s United movement. The sheer numbers of women responding. And remember that bad-mannered confusion or ill-behaved white men and their ilk hold nothing to stop the power of women united.

Please, reckon this NOW. There is so much to be done and so much at stake. Earth is a Mother Earth planet and the impact of this knowing will guide you in understanding your role in enlightened stewardship. A path of heart. Name your focus whether Standing Rock and the Water Protectors, Planned Parenthood, EPA gutting, S.D. working quickly to repeal ethics voted on by citizens, or GMOs, chem-trail poisoning, then, not to mention Fukushima radiation readings are increasing, tide pools are dying. Has Exxon ever even paid the fines from the Valdez spill all those years ago?

OK, my point here is there is no small focus for inspection and involvement. And healing. Allow the concepts of beauty way and grace to impact our lives and environment. Again. See what is important in your heart. Otherwise, all the damage is too much to try and wrap our head around. Time to re-consider. We have been wearied by continual bad manners. Stop all of this and re-up to codes-of-conduct, manners and heart. Our love does eventually prevail.

If you need to walk away from something that no longer reflects who you are, do it. Take a moment to reflect, breathe, center. Take a moment to be mindful and determine what is important in your heart. Everything is too much, more is not necessarily better, just more. Determine some priorities for your Life. Empowerment is key for some forward movement. This must be the time–the numbers support this conclusion and consciousness. Please let’s all keep the momentum.

It is true the infrastructure is broken in some cases and places beyond repair. OK, then ReDREAM it.

I know we can do this. We are women. We are creators. We are capable, powerful, and we will. And there are some fine brothermen. Stay unified, there is power in numbers that’s why you do all that social media. Hold all your ideas, ideals and dreams to high standards. Look each other in the eye and let’s keep our hearts open. The future could be a healed Earth and humanity. Yikes, it’s all fallen so far apart.

And think about this: If we really have to solve and heal all this with something other than heavy magic and our thunderpower wands, then we’ll need to organize and think and strategize and intend and build. We will have to buckle down and do the work.

Earth is at stake. Bless us everyone.

Michele Monetta


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