Schools Need Our Support…

Dear Editor,

My ability to write this letter and thoughtfully read this paper is due, in large part, to the efforts of public school teachers. Not able to afford private schools, I am a public school graduate. I imagine most adults my age (retired, fixed income) have had jobs and careers made possible by basic skills they learned in school.

Idaho state funds allocated for public education, remain 6 percent below 2008 levels. Thus, each school district must find the means to support schools. March 14 is a levy election. Reviewing current county tax information, I contribute about $18/month to our public schools. That is less than one tank of gas a month!

The replacement levy used to pay staff, support school activities, update curriculum and technology equals a 2-percent increase in property tax. So, in 2018 I pay $18.50/mo. and 2019 $19/mo. toward schools. This increase is 48-percent below the state average for school district levies. And it’s still not a full tank of gas.

Lake Pend Oreille District’s students and families deserve quality public schools. They deserve opportunities open to those who can read, write, calculate and think carefully about information that floods our lives. Let’s come together, making sure this American value- -access to public education–thrives in our community. Vote YES March 14th.

Mary Toland

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