Age Diversity Important – Vote Yes for Levy…

Dear Editor,

One of the many life lessons my parents instilled in me is to value all ages of people who live in our community. This includes learning from my elders, honoring the men and women who serve our country, supporting local business owners, giving a hand up to young families, and supporting quality educational opportunities for the youth of our community.

I appreciate the wisdom of my parents and know that a sign of a healthy community is strong age diversity.  We need to provide proper care to the elder population, respect to our veterans, support local merchants, keep housing affordable, grow an economy which provides job opportunities, and support our local public education system with a goal for students to become career/college ready.

My fear for this great community that has given so much to me is that we will become void of age diversity. Without a quality K-12 educational system families will move, the economy will struggle, and we will become a playground for people seeking seasonal recreation.

There is a movement to discredit our local school district, falsely claiming mismanagement of funds, excess opportunities for students, and fear of standards based curriculum. If you read information on social media, local press, or are being told sensationalized information that just does not seem to be right or leaves you wondering, please contact the LPOSD office or your local school administrator for answers to your questions.

Thank you for supporting your local schools on March 14, 2017.


Tom Albertson
Northside Elementary and Sandpoint High School Alumnus
Gold Creek

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