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Dear Editor,

I spend my winters in Florida then return to my Idaho garden in May-there’s not much time to read newspapers, but have skimmed through a couple of Readers this summer. Each time I noticed the the Reader seemed biased towards liberalism.

One issue had a article written by Mr. Gier in support of Muslims and was so verbally abusive against Mr. Trump that I responded to the Reader against his verbal abuse. Then I started talking to friends who told me that the Reader was liberal and that they don’t read it. Still, I would skim through it thinking there might be something interesting to read.

My husband picked up a copy of the Reader this morning. What did we find? An entire page written by someone who professed to go to school with Donald Trump. At the end of the second paragraph, the writer accused Mr. Trump of being “pig headed” and “pathological.” I realized it was another verbally abusive writer like Mr. Gier, and that my friends were right-the Reader is a liberal Democrat paper who supports verbally abusive writers. I put the Reader down immediately and will never pick up another issue of the Reader.

Vickey Babayco


Dear Vickey,

If you are picking up our newspaper (or any newspaper, for that matter) to reinforce your existing viewpoint, without the desire or empathy to see or understand other points of view, it’s probably for the best.
-Ben Olson, Publisher


I’d add that if you want to see more conservative op-eds in the Reader, encourage conservatives to submit articles. We’re not in the practice of shutting out viewpoints.

-Cameron Rasmusson, Editor




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