Re: Skiers Cutting in Line…

Dear Editor,

Regarding the “Barb” about skiers cutting lines:

The Lakeview Triple needs a singles line and a design that traffics skiers in a safe manner!

I have gone to the front of the line and called out “single.” The Triple is a singles line when it is busy, or at least it should be! I’m not taking cuts. Just thinking.

We are trying to educate you skiers who let empty chairs go up the mountain with only onesys or twoseys. Triple — three skiers.

The problem is with the skiers who will not group up with others to make a threesome and fill the chair.

There is no designated singles line. Pay attention. Think ahead. Make a threesome, and fill those empty chairs. Call out “single” if you are one or two. You snooze, you lose, and so does everyone waiting in line behind you.

You just might make a new friend or learn something from riding with a stranger or just enjoy having a seat.

It is also a safety issue. The sooner the line moves forward the less likely someone is to get hit by a skier coming in too fast or out of control.

You feel you lost out because you and others ahead of you did not do their duty and fill an empty chair as each and everyone of you should have. No one was taking that seat, so I did.

Hopefully management will see the need for a singles line at the Triple and also formulate a better traffic pattern for loading. Then the good little schoolchildren/skiers won’t have to do any thinking.


Leila Olson

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