Rambo and the 2nd Amendment…

Dear Editor:
J. Koons responded to S. Hogue who responded to Mr. White regarding the Second Amendment. Mr. Koons stated a desire to make downtown Sandpoint “firearm-free” then condemned Idaho Legislature, implying they are insane for supporting our Second Amendment right to bear arms, as well as attempting to degrade gun owners by calling them, “Rambo wannabes.” He also stated “we SHOULD only patronize establishments who prohibit firearms …” which implies he does not recognize gun owners as being equals in society.
Mr. Koons seems to be confused about Rambo. Rambo was a victim of harassment, not an aggressor, and used his skills to defend himself. That Mr. Koons compared all gun owners to Rambo shows his thinking is irrational.
Second, if Mr. Koons wants to live in a world where guns are banned, except for police and military, then he shows himself as a person who does not take responsibility for himself but rather gives others the authority to protect his life.
Third, if he believes businesses should shun gun owners and be rewarded for being firearm-free, then he shows himself as a bigot, unable to tolerate the rights and needs of others.
The core of the Second Amendment conflict seems to be from a need within some to infringe upon the rights of others. The Second Amendment protects our right to protect ourselves, but it seems as though the group-mind who label themselves “liberals” are insisting on causing conflict with the rights bestowed upon us by our Creator and the Second Amendment. These “liberals” seem to insist on infringing upon the right to protect ourselves, which is causing a clashing of core beliefs between those who take responsibility for themselves, and those who put the responsibility for self in the hands of others.
In a sense then, I agree with Mr. Hogue that folks who insist on living in a world with no guns, belong in a city like Chicago where they can rely on “authorities” to protect them.
The state of Idaho has been a peaceful place to live, but with the influx of liberalism moving in, that peace is now at risk.

Vickey Babayco

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