Memorial Day…

Dear Editor,

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend we must bear in mind that it is not just another holiday weekend. It is a somber occasion. We should remember all those that made sacrifices. It is a time when we should pause in our daily routine to pay homage to all the men and women that have given so much so that we may be free.

We should also think about all the men and women that gave some of themselves in defense of this nation. The living and the whole, should give thanks to those that are not.

When we see someone handing out For-Get-Me-Nots on the last Monday in May we should think about all those that gave so much for others. But it is not just this day that we should remember. We must always give thanks when we can throughout the year.

Here’s a for instance of what we can do to remember. The DAV van that provides transportation for veterans to the VA Hospital in Spokane needs drivers. If you are in good health and can spare some time you could provide a real service to some that needs it. If you’re thinking about volunteering give Lewis Beebe a call at (208) 266-1105.

Gil Beyer

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