Look out for Socialists…

Dear Editor,

Ben Olson finished his expose on the “Redoubt” that provoked a series of Letters to the Editor, as controversy sells publication advertising! My motivation to weigh in was fortified by a neighbor’s elitist attack on Mr. Gifford. The unstated intention presented in Libby’s academic reliance is the censorship of free thinking and reasonable analysis. This is a socialist tactic where freedom and God are supplanted by statist control.

I emailed Olson to write a piece on persons advocating and displaying socialist and communist sympathies within the same “Redoubt “community. No response from Ben! It is little known that the quiet socialist leader of our community is none other than the co-founder of the Panhandle Alliance For Education (PAFE), education being a common and profitable (https://transparency.idaho.gov/Pages/transhome.aspx) theme of socialist infiltration locally and nationally. In fact, many at PAFE are believed to be vetted for their socialist philosophy. Mindy C. privately and gleefully is pictured laying hands on socialist and communist, Nelson Mandela. She has advocated the usurpation of political party registration in 2012. In her 2017 New Year’s Letter to the Reader Editor, Mindy C. ranted about her self-admitted, barely containable “anger” towards the election of an anti-socialist Trump presidency.

Bob W. has twice written self-admissions of communist sympathy as a blogging contributor to the Daily Bee. Jane F. declared proudly and with emphasis, recently at a natural resources hearing that she, too, is a communist. Steve Lockwood and Shelby Rognstad, both believed to be running for Commissioner, live in this same socialist worldview as do KRFY and KPND radio personalities, Chris B. and Dylan B., respectively.

Caution… present danger to our constitutional republic, like the left’s desired soft coup of the Trump presidency is discernible and of great significance, see alternative media – https://www.hagmannreport.com/listen/!

Redoubtnews.com offers contrasting news to the four major print and radio media in Sandpoint that are, allegedly, tools of the socialist movement. All news outlets should be monitored and vetted to obtain the truth.

I reduced my carbon foot-print by excluding Libby’s driveway from my snow-plowing list. Climate changers need to explain why, in 425,000 years, the earth’s atmosphere has corrected temperature increases, at or greater than current levels, without the influence of man’s industrial hand … four times? A socialist’s adherence to “tolerance” is viewed as a mandate, not a virtue, and is not limited to Rognstad, Lockwood, Chris B., Libby or Mindy C.!

Daniel Rose



To answer your claim that your pitch for a story went unanswered: I do answer emails. Promptly. After I’d written you multiple emails attempting to get a yes or no answer whether you’d be interested in participating in the Redoubt series by answering a few questions, your “pitch” was thus: “If local media were honest, I could gather a number of persons, that would like to suggest a story idea focusing on a known Communist, Socialist and Globalist movement in Sandpoint culture.” -Dan Rose.

That’s hardly a story pitch. It reads more like a snide comment, to be honest. If you want us to consider something for a story, next time be a little clearer in your intentions and follow up, as I followed up with you (six times) before you finally answered me in full. We get many pitches and ideas every week. Not all of them work out. That being said, a fear-mongering story rooting out “Communists, Socialists and Globalists” in Sandpoint reeks of McCarthyism and doesn’t interest us in the least.

The only other part of your letter I’ll address is your desire for all news outlets to be “monitored and vetted to obtain the truth.”

Some countries do this. Russia is one. China is another. North Korea is another. If you think this in any way supports freedom, look at the political make-up of these countries and get back to me.

Until then,
-Ben Olson, Publisher

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