I’m Excited for my Country…

Dear Editor,

Yea, Hillary won the popular vote by about 2 million votes, those votes coming mainly from several large far- left cities with the highest welfare rolls like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, etc. PE Trump won 2,626 counties, essentially America’s bread basket, compared to 487 counties won by Hillary. As for the “sour grapes” recounts supported by the Hillary campaign, PE Trump is actually gaining votes in most of these recounts.

It’s also been said that millions of people were not able to vote because of strict photo ID requirements (unproven). However, California and at least 18 other states require NO identification to vote, and many other states only require you to sign an affidavit to vote.

Thank goodness our founding fathers had the wisdom and thought ahead enough to put in place the Electoral College. If not for this Electoral College candidates would only campaign in the states with the highest number of electors like California, New York, Florida and Illinois, thus leaving the majority of the country abandoned.

Its so refreshing to see PE Trump creating a cabinet with people who have actually had a job and have very successful histories, not picking “talking heads” because of paybacks.

Not even sworn in yet, the stock market has broken records after he was elected, mainly because of economic confidence in PE Trump. Now, the Carrier company is to stay in America. Masayoshi Son from Japan states that because PE Trump won the election he will invest $50 billion, and that will bring 50,000 jobs to the U.S.

PE Trump has said he will lower taxes, eliminate many unneeded federal regulations, completely overhaul the failed Obamacare and spend billions of dollars to repair and upgrade our country’s failing infrastructure. The list goes on of these positive changes.

Yeah, I’m excited about the future of this country because I’m confident America will be great again.


Cliff Kattner

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