Why Does Idaho Pay For Healthcare Twice…?

Dear Editor,

Idahoans pay federal taxes that go to other states to help fund their Medicaid expansion programs. Then we pay taxes a second time to fund a program called CHCP. According to the Idaho Press Tribune, “Last year, the Idaho Legislature approved a request for $18 million for the Catastrophic Health Care Program (CHCP) — the program that meets the needs of the medically indigent in Idaho, according to a report on the Idaho Legislature’s website.”

CHCP has requested another $18 million for the 2018 fiscal year, according to the same report.

If you want to stop paying taxes twice and would like your federal tax dollars to stay here in Idaho to help your friends and neighbors get healthcare, please sign the petition to put Medicaid Expansion on the November ballot.

You can sign the petition at Women’s Healthcare — 1215 Michigan St., Ste. C — or Panhandle Art Glass — 514 Pine St. Find out more about how you can help at www.MedicaidforIdaho.org. Thank you from the 78,000 Idahoans who desperately need medical care.

Lee Christensen

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