Gow is a No Go…

Dear Editor,

On Wednesday, April 25, I listened to the Morning Show on KRFY 88.5 FM which was featuring a discussion with the Republican candidates for Bonner County assessor. I was concerned when I heard candidate Donna Gow launch a deliberate and senseless attack on the qualifications of her boss, Assessor Jerry Clemons, and his management staff, none of whom are candidates in the current race.

However, I was appalled when I heard Donna Gow use the public forum to refer to the almost-exclusive female staff of the DMV, as “ugly stepsisters.” The DMV office is part of the assessor area of responsibility, and Donna Gow wants us to give her control of it after making disparaging and sexist comments about it’s employees? I think not!

I thank KRFY for hosting the show and providing us with an illuminating preview of the character of the candidates. In the case of Donna Gow it made clear she has no concept of diplomacy or decorum, and if elected assessor she would just be a lawsuit waiting to happen. This forewarning is enough for me to decide that GOW IS A NO GO.

DL Henninger

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