Five Things…

Dear Editor,

1. With Trump’s signing of an executive order reinstating the abortion global gag rule, one has to ask, “Will Israel be exempt?”

Israel has one of the most liberal abortion programs in the world.

According to a 2011 Israel Central Bureau of Statistics report, about 40,000 abortions take place in Israel every year.

The Evangelical Christian right offers unquestioning support of Israel. They also do and say nothing against abortion in Israel. This fact makes the Evangelical Christian right complicit in Israel’s abortion policy.

2. The way to save ObamaCare is to change its name to Trump Care. There is no way our “Megalomaniac in Chief” would get rid of anything with his name on it.

3. I now understand why Trump was elected. This is the Chinese year of the rooster. It makes sense that a cock of the walk, who is constantly crowing about himself, would be elected president in the year of the rooster.

4. Our “so-called president in chief” actually tweeted “so-called judge” referring to Judge James Robart’s ruling. This is an obvious case of the pot calling the kettle black.

5. Suggested titles for our so-called president: Cock-of-the-Walk in Chief; Liar in Chief; Lunatic in Chief; Draft Dodger in Chief; Pussy Grabber in Chief; Conman in Chief; Major Embarrassment in Chief; Sociopath in Chief; Psychopath in Chief; Megalomaniac in Chief; So-Called President in Chief; News Faker in Chief.

Lee Santa

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