Dissension Becoming a Bore…

Dear Editor,
To Lee Santa: the first essay I read of yours was a letter to the editor printed first in the Daily Bee and then a few days later in the Reader. It was about our local police victim, Jeanetta, and it was bold and provocative. I also enjoyed your jazz article, published in the Reader, written from your experience.
Lately, your topic choice seems to be limited to your dislike of Ben Olson. For some, your writing is foreign and probably doesn’t get read. For those of us whom have read your series of disgruntled letters, we already know that Ben is flawed, and that you are too, so the dissension is becoming a bore.
Ben Olson is a witty, hard working, published author, whom has the unpleasant job of rejecting articles. He HAS to. We are writing for thousands of community members with a “board” of local advertisers, and this has to be considered. In my experience, Ben is very open and receptive to positive local stories, especially if they are current. The Reader is more about arts/culture than politics, and I hope it stays that way.
Please continue to write Lee (on any topic other than Ben). Send your stories, essays and poetry to the Reader and some may get printed. If not, publish them in your own blog. I know you have more interesting material for us to read than your opinions about our ornery ol’ publisher.

Keep Writing!
Jodi Rawson

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