McAlister a Good Choice…

Dear Editor,
Kate McAlister is my choice for the job of representing our District in the state legislature.
Kate is smart, articulate and experienced with many years of local involvement, from being President/CEO of the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce to serving on various community development and educational boards. She is comfortable with expressing herself when the issue is important, and she is more than willing to debate her opponent, who at this point won’t step up to the podium.
I feel strongly that Kate McAlister will actually represent me at the state level. She ranks right up there with Shawn Keough in wanting to work for the common good. At times like this, co-existence across party lines is important to those of us who like to see life in balanced terms.
Very importantly, let me urge you to get out and vote, and if you think you may not be able to make it to the polls on Nov. 8, please apply (by Nov. 2) to the County Clerk for an absentee ballot.

Marilyn McIntyre
Grouse Creek

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