Climate Change and Science…

Dear Editor, 

For once I agree with Ben Olson, with his comment “I long for the days in the future when science is treated as fact and not activism.” The comment pertained to his observation of heavy forest fires “every single year” somehow being linked to “climate change.”

Climate change is a fact. Our planet has been literally consumed by fire, ice, flooding and everything in between since the beginning of time; however the notion that somehow humankind causes climate change is a pure manipulation of science in order to fit a greenie activist agenda (we can have a civil debate on this subject, but I can’t use up my allotted 400 words explaining proven science to you in this particular letter).

My main point is about gender identity. Gender is a clear-cut scientific fact. Just look down, every one of us is either a male or a female. Nothing to question, right? However allow a small minority of “science deniers” to push a progressive homosexual agenda and watch scientific fact go flying out the window. So I am very glad to hear that the Reader will no longer support science deniers pushing their absurd notion that gender is somehow “fluid” and can be “questioned.” 

My next point regards abortion. Scientific fact clearly shows life begins at conception, that the new life has a heartbeat around the 18th day and by the ninth week has basic human structure, eyes, fingers and toes, etc. Once again the science deniers (Planned Parenthood and others) throw science into the trash in order to push their activist agenda, calling this new life an egg or tissue, in order to “choose” to grind up and get rid of the poor unwanted thing. That is if they are not too busy trying to preserve and sell those no-longer-needed fetal body parts. 

One more fact, although not scientific, is still nonetheless true. Our country was founded on the belief that we have “been endowed by our Creator with unalienable rights, among these are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The age old truth of “live and let live” dies when we allow leftist activists to push their science-denying, life and liberty-destroying agendas.

Yes siree, Bob (Ben), I, too, “long for the days in the future when science is treated as fact and not activism.”

David Haussler


I loathe when people try to put words in my mouth or attempt (not so cleverly) to spin my meaning. When I wrote the bit you quoted, I was referring to climate change deniers ignoring science, instead relying on their emotions to drive their worldview. Your letter is a perfect example of the logical fallacy known as “false equivalence.” I wrote a series on logical fallacies a few months back. Let me know if you’d like copies.

The Reader supports LGBT rights and equality, which includes gender identity. 100 percent. Regarding your other points (which are lean on scientific fact), you are certainly entitled to your opinions. I’ll leave it at that. If you have a problem with me or the Reader, might I suggest finding another publication to read that better suits your needs?

Ben Olson

Publisher, Sandpoint Reader.

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