Cartoon Character Campaign…

Dear Editor,

Well it’s over, kinda. I suppose this campaign will never really be over. This was truly the most disappointing presidential campaign I have ever lived through. Our choice of cartoon characters were Blonde and Donald Duck. Two power hungry, egotistical, win-at-any-cost, flip-flopping, divisive individuals who spent the last year crisscrossing America pandering for votes displayed by a very vulgar and immature tone.

Both are wealthy individuals used to doing what they please, when they please to whom they please. How can a country of 300 million people pick these two narcissistic people to represent the two major political parties. It’s true, the voters picked the extremes from each end of the political spectrum and gave the moderate majority little to choose from. It was like the warden asking the condemned if they want lethal injection or the firing squad. What choice did America have? It became a no-win situation. Both candidates carried with them a lot of excess baggage.

I quit blogging in the Bee over a year ago because it became a format for malcontents to spew their negativity and mean spirit back and forth. The site was void of any real discussion or debate. Very few blog now; it seems to be reserved for the few that can’t accept the reality of today.

Our country is as divided as I have ever seen it and I vividly remember the decade of the ‘60s with race riots and anti-war protests. Those days seem civilized now. So what’s on the horizon for our country and Idaho? Most of the people I know are just regular folk that spend their time working, going to school or enjoying retirement. If you read the two local publications you see people like Mimmack, Wythe, Ramsey, Deutchman, Wynhausen, Brixen, Conlin, Finney, Gier, Santa, Johnson and Wiens adding nothing but extreme rhetoric to the discussion. There seems to be little moderate or logical ideas anymore. No wonder so few blog now.

Will the end of the election season bring some sanity to the letters and blogs? I seriously doubt it. The extreme right will boast of their victories and the far left will continue to weep and feel sorry for themselves, asking what went wrong?

Bill Litsinger

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