Bay Trail Not a Party Spot…

Dear Editor,

It’s beginning to be very busy at the Pend Oreille Bay Trail. Please be good neighbors and remind people who use the trail to park at City Beach or the former Windbag Marina and enjoy the walk to the trail. The small parking lot at the trail head is best suited for drop off and handicapped parking.

Parking along the red painted fire lanes is illegal. In the event that someone needs medical help on the trail, it becomes impossible for the emergency personnel to reach the person quickly. This could become a liability issue.

Also, the late night partying on the trail has become excessive. One girl even wrote in the Reader that bum jungle was her favorite place to party. The cars speeding down Sandpoint Avenue nearly hit me and my dog. The police do not patrol the trail, and the partyers know it. As with the city parks, a dusk to dawn usage hours and a chain to lock the parking lot would alleviate much of the problem and it would be safer to walk after dark.

If you would address these two things—illegal parking and late night partying—that would be wonderful. And I will continue to do my part picking up beer bottles, used condoms, trash and dog poop.

Debra Moy
Sandpoint, ID

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