A Slippery Slope…

Dear Editor,

I see a very slippery slope to losing religious and philosophical medical exemptions for children whose parents have nothing to do with “faith healing.”

It was tragic Swan lost her child, such as with any parents who loses a child. Meningitis is horrible, however there are no guarantees whether hospitalized or not. Fortunately a rare disease and a couple varieties might be protected by vaccine, however, no guarantees. It appears to me to be more prevalent since the introduction of the live virus vaccine which is known to shed, causing the disease itself.

Dr. Offit was mentioned (a board member of Swan’s organization “Children’s Healthcare Is a Legal Duty”) and known in many circles as Offit for Profit. Radical in his own thinking, all children should be completely vaccinated and has lined his pockets nicely. His latest interview on PBS he feels vitamins and supplements do not help the human body and stated federal intervention in this market.

Idaho does have one of the highest unvaccinated populations in the country and for good reason. Parents have researched for endless hours are choosing not to vaccinate or limited vaccinations. Several ingredients are aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted fetal cells (human), animal RNA/DNA, i.e. monkey kidney, mouse brain, bovine, and some contain mercury. Per CDC and FDA, these ingredients are known causes ne neurological and auto immune disorders, cancers and death, all of which are spiking among the young in our country. Most parents question vaccines after experiencing mild to serious side effects. Idaho would be a great place for CDC to study the “health of vaccinated children compared to unvaccinated,” which to date has never been studied in our country and CDC refuses to do so.

When parents are forced to concede to a choice of exemption they want, religious and philosophical are the choices medical institutions offer. A far cry from faith-based religion of no medical intervention for whatever reasons.

California passed SB-277, eliminating religious and philosophical exemptions for all children entering school by age five. To date this includes 63 injections, many which contain live virus’ and may escalate the diseases itself. The pharmaceutical industry sees children as an easy target (by the way, this is where Offit for Profit made his first million). As a child, I had two, my children had 10, now 63!

How often have pharmaceutical meds caused damage or been recalled? Most of us have dealt with our broken medical system, even with all its miracle technology. Everyone is bright enough to know the billions in profit this industry has lined their pockets with. As the pharmaceutical lobbyist enters Idaho’s government arena, how many of our elected representatives will be strong enough to resist money temptation or kickbacks of the pharmaceutical industry in favor of our medical choice?

Science is not settled in this arena. A very slippery slope to medical tyranny.

Michelle Manday
Sandpoint, ID

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