Dear Editor,

In the late 70s I would exaggerate my anti-abortion position by telling my pro-abortion friends that I thought there should be abortions up to the age of seven because you should know by then if you want to keep [expletive deleted] or not. Then I would tell ‘em that no one should ever tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body.

The killing of a pregnant Jeanette Riley’s unborn baby on July 8th, 2014 by Sandpoint police was met with deafening silence from the “right to life” crowd. Because of their silence one can only assume that Sandpoint’s anti-abortionists are okay with abortions that are performed by the police. Sandpoint’s “right to life” crowd’s silence about this police abortion is nothing less than hypocrisy.

So why have those who have been displaying signs around town with photos of bloody aborted fetuses not spoken out against the police abortion of Jeanette Riley’s unborn baby? Apparently it was an abortion that has the approval of these folks.

Not one church in the Sandpoint area spoke out against this police abortion.


Lee Santa


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