Anti-Vaccination advocate speaks out…

Dear Editor,

In regards to Harrison Berry’s story from last week’s Reader; I am in the good company of the autonomous 20.6% of Bonner County parents.

The philosophy I wrote on the vaccine exemption form was based on the age old wisdom, “if it aint broke, don’t fix it.”

The irony is that many people go through the hassle of receiving injections of poison, risking pain, sickness and even death (yes Dana Williams, people die from vaccines too), but still place blame on the unvaccinated.

“Put some faith in your vaccines, for Christ sake!” is what I want to yell to these hypocrites, “You are protected from the dangers of vaccine-exempted villains!” (like my bright-eyed, consistently vibrant, fifth grade daughter.)

But perhaps they know the truth, as Ingri Cassel puts it, “Vaccines don’t immunize anything.”

No one is immune to the omnipresent risk of death, so I empathize with the fears of parents. We all love our children and we make decisions (about their health) that we can live with.

Jodi Rawson


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