Idaho Parks and Rec grants secured by county for groomer, improved lake access

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

Bonner County Parks and Waterways has locked down three grants from Idaho Parks and Recreation — one to improve access to Bonner County’s winter trails, and two meant to improve access to Lake Pend Oreille — and received unanimous approval from Bonner County commissioners Tuesday to accept all three.

Parks and Waterways Director Nathan Demmons said the county received $60,000 to purchase a used groomer for use in east Bonner County. Currently, a groomer must be transported from the other side of the county for use on the Johnson Creek winter trail system. Demmons said the acquisition of another groomer will hopefully mean more eastern miles are groomed throughout the winter, and the goal is to purchase the groomer for use during winter 2019-2020.

The county also received $30,000 to fund the removal of hazardous pilings in Garfield Bay and near the mouth of the Clark Fork River. Demmons said removal is scheduled for fall and winter 2019-2020, as soon as the lake level drops.

Parks and Waterways also secured a grant for $83,800 to completely remove and replace the Hope boat ramp, located beneath the Highway 200 bridge on the west end of Hope.

If all permits are approved and weather cooperates, work on the ramp will start in spring 2020. If those parameters aren’t met, Demmons said, work will start in fall 2020.

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