Idaho Panhandle Resource Advisory Committee seeks project proposals

By Reader Staff

The Idaho Panhandle National Forests Resource Advisory Committee is seeking applications for project proposals that benefit public lands, to be implemented with federal Secure Rural Schools Act funding.

The 15-member Idaho Panhandle Committee members solicit project proposals and then participate in collaborative decision making to make recommendations to the U.S. Forest Service for distribution of Title II funds received through the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act.

The RAC will accept applications until Nov. 20, before meeting in December to review and make final recommendations. Application forms are available on the Idaho Panhandle National Forests website at

The Secure Rural Schools program provides critical funding for schools, roads and other municipal services to more than 700 counties across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Payments are divided into three distinct categories, or Titles: Title I for roads and schools, Title II for projects on Federal lands, and Title III for county projects.

The Idaho Panhandle Committee is seeking ideas and applications for projects that improve forest health, watersheds, roads and facilities on or adjacent to the Idaho Panhandle National Forests. Applicants must be a resident of Idaho and should reside within Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Shoshone, Benewah or Latah Counties to the extent practicable.

A variety of projects may be considered by the RAC, including those focused on work related to forest health, fish, wildlife, soils, watersheds and other resources. Proposals to maintain roads, trails and other infrastructure, or to control noxious weeds, may also be good candidates for submission to the RAC.

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