ICF awards $55,000 in grants in Bonner and Boundary counties

By Reader Staff

The North Idaho Action Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation is providing over $55,000 in grants to four projects working to improve the accessibility and quality of behavioral health programs in Bonner and Boundary Counties.

Boundary County Youth Crisis and Domestic Violence Hotline was awarded $10,000 to provide mental health counseling to Boundary County victims of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Bonner County Partners in Care Clinic, Inc., was awarded $30,000 to pay the crisis line director and the clinicians who answer the crisis line calls.

Community Coalition for Families was granted $12,000 to provide temporary or permanent housing needs, including motels, rental assistance and move-in costs to people with behavioral health issues.

Finally, Jannus, Inc., was awarded $3,885 to provide an eight-week series of parenting classes at Blue Haven, a transitional housing facility in Bonner County, for parents of children who are striving to address and overcome the factors that contributed to homelessness.

For more information, visit www.idcomfdn.org.

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