Furry and festive

Gift ideas for the pet lovers on your list

By Lyndsie Kiebert
Reader Staff

Those pet owners who have evolved enough to reckon with their obsession will be the first to admit: our pets are our identity. 

The ornament with my dog’s face on it is the first to go on the tree. A sign on my bookshelf, given to me last Christmas, reads: “All You Need is Love, and a Dog.” My sister bought me a “Dog Mom” shirt for my birthday last winter and I haven’t taken it off since.

You get the picture.

It’s easy to shop for people who love their pets. Here’s a list of some gifts available in Sandpoint that are sure to fit the bill.

Conscious Step Socks that Save Dogs 

La Chic Boutique (107 Main St.)

Odds are that the dog lover in your life wishes they could adopt all the dogs, but must instead opt for supporting homeless animals in another way. What’s better than a new pair of cozy socks — especially when the proceeds will go toward Best Friends Animal Society and the effort to save dogs from shelters? La Chic is stocked with Conscious Step socks for all kinds of causes, including saving LGBT+ lives and protecting penguins. $15

Danica Studio Meow Meow Water Bottle

La Chic Boutique (107 Main St.)

While dog-loving merchandise might dominate the shopping scene in Sandpoint, La Chic hasn’t forgotten about North Idaho’s feline families. One artist featured at La Chic, Danica Studio, creates adorable cat products. From heavy-duty water bottles and coffee mugs to pencil cases and jewelry plates, the signature yellow Danica cat is sure to make any cat owner smile. $30

Primitives by Kathy Dish Towels

Bella Terra Boutique (223 N. First Ave.)

There is a hidden treasure trove of funny and fashionable pet parent gifts at Bella Terra Boutique. The brand Primitives by Kathy, in particular, does hilarious and relatable work, like dish towels reading “Dog Hair: Both a condiment and a fashion accessory.” The towel also comes in a “Cat Hair” version, and the pet section of the shop plays host to photo frames, Dog/Cat Mom hats and funny signs. $12.99

Doggie Dough Bites

Heart Bowls (317 Oak St.)

Your friendly neighborhood smoothie bowl food truck doesn’t just cater to humans — the team at Heart Bowls has a soft spot for four-legged friends, too, and recently launched a new menu item just for pups: Doggie Dough Bites. The treats come in a pack of six and are made from peanut butter, pumpkin puree, oats and soy milk. A bag of Doggie Dough Bites and a Heart Bowls gift card would be a perfect gift for a friend who loves to dine out with their furry friend. $1.99

Cycle Dog No-Stink Collar

ShakaPaw (120 Cedar St.)

A well-dressed pup can never have too many beautiful collars. Cycle Dog makes theirs from recycled bike tire innertubes, which also happens to help the collars stay stink-free after many wears. ShakaPaw plays host to a large selection of Cycle Dog collars and leashes, which come in funky and bright patterns and are made in Portland, Ore. This gift might be more for the dog than the owner, but will be appreciated nonetheless. $25

Muttluks MuTTuque Blizzard-Proof Dog Scarf

ShakaPaw (120 Cedar St.)

Also for pups, ShakaPaw has a new product in stock that’s sure to become a fast favorite: blizzard-proof dog scarves, meant to protect a dog’s ears during the chilly months. Locals love a good outdoor excursion in the winter, especially in the company of a canine companion. A cozy fleece scarf is just what the doctor ordered. $19.99

The Particulars of Peter by Kelly Conaboy

Vanderford’s Books and Office Products (201 Cedar St.)

The only thing better than being with a dog is being with a dog cuddled up on the couch with a good book. Brand new novel The Particulars of Peter by Kelly Conaboy details the author’s obsessive love for her “perfect dog,” and all the adventures they go on together. Reviews are lauding The Particulars of Peter as funny, heart-warming and relatable, and it’s available locally at Vanderford’s. The store also has plenty of other books for every animal-obsessed relative on the Christmas shopping list. $27

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