Festival announces 2020 concert dates

By Reader Staff

In an Oct. 30 post on Facebook, the Festival at Sandpoint announced its 2020 concert dates, providing some indication that business would continue as usual — or mostly as usual — amid a season of turmoil surrounding the Festival’s weapons ban, which spurred a lawsuit between Bonner County and the city of Sandpoint; the resignation of its paid administrative staff; and loss of its longtime executive director following a drunken driving arrest this summer.

“As you may have noticed, The Festival has been in the limelight recently,” the post reads. “The Festival has been a staple in our community for the past 38 years and likely everyone in the community has had a connection to this event and organization, as a viewer, sponsor, business owner, student or neighbor. We are proud of the $1.8M+ revenue we bring to our beautiful region every year, the education we provide and the music with which we fill the summer nights.”

The 2020 Festival at Sandpoint will take place Aug. 6-16. Season passes are $239 and will go on sale online Friday, Nov. 1 at 10 a.m. and in the Festival office Monday, Nov. 4.

Festival at Sandpoint officials confirmed in a comment on the Facebook post that the 2020 season will take place at War Memorial Field, its traditional venue, which by next summer will be resurfaced with artificial turf. Meanwhile, Bonner County is in litigation with the city of Sandpoint over whether the Festival — which is leasing the field from the city — has the right to ban firearms.

“We are deeply honored by the community’s shared passion for The Festival and continued and unwavering support,” the post reads. “Thank you, Festival Fans! As they say, ‘The show must go on!’ and that we shall!”

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