Family identifies man who died after skiing accident on Schweitzer

By Reader Staff

The family of a man who died as the result of a skiing accident March 12 at Schweitzer Mountain Resort confirmed his identity as Heath McHenry, who “was an expert all-terrain skier capable of any run on Schweitzer Mountain where he and his family have enjoyed every winter for many years.” 

Heath McHenry passed away after a skiing accident at Schweitzer Mountain Resort on March 12. Photo courtesy Kelsy McHenry Facebook.

“Although a tragic ending to this blue sky day, his family is comforted knowing that he was doing what he loved and surrounded by good friends,” wrote the family in a statement March 14 and shared on Twitter by Spokane-based KXLY. “Heath is survived by his wife and best friend Kelsy, their three children and his mom.”

Schweitzer officials confirmed the death, describing it “an unfortunate accident,” though did not provide any additional information as to its nature or circumstances. In a statement to KHQ, the resort said McHenry was transported to the hospital via LifeFlight, where he died of his injuries.

According to reports, any further updates will come from the Bonner County Sheriff’s Office or hospital.

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