An exhaustive list of what you need to know about the primary ballot

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

With the deadline to file county candidacy paperwork expired, the ballot options for the primary election are taking shape.

While prospective candidates can still file as a write-in candidate, Bonner County voters now have set ballots depending on which party primary they choose to participate in.

Photo by Cameron Barnes.

For U.S. representative in District 1, Republicans will choose between Russ Fulcher, Alex Gallegos, Nick Henderson, David H. Leroy, Luke Malek, Christy Perry and Michael Snyder. Democrats will vote for Christina McNeil, Michael W. Smith or James Vandermaas. In addition, W. Scott Howard is running as a Libertarian and Pro-Life is running as a Constitutionalist.

For governor, Republicans have the option of Tommy Ahlquist, Harley Delano Brown, Dalton Ben Cannady, Raul Labrador, Brad Little, Lisa Marie and Steve Pankey. Democrats will vote for A.J. Balukoff, Peter Dill or Paulette Jordan. Bev “Angel” Boeck is running as a Libertarian, while Walter Bayes is running as a Constitutionalist.

For lieutenant governor, Republicans will vote for Rebecca W. Arnold, Marv Hagedorn, Janice McGeachin, Bob Nonini, Kelley Packer or Steve Yates. Democrats will choose between Kristin Collum and Jim Fabe.

Incumbent Republican Lawrence E. Denney is running unopposed for secretary of state, while Democrats will vote for Joseph J.P. Chastain or Jill Humble.

Republican Brandon D. Woolf is the sole candidate for state controller.

Republicans Julie A. Ellsworth, Tom Kealey and Vicky J. McIntyre are running for state treasurer.

Lawrence Wasden is running as a Republican for attorney general, while Bruce S. Bistline is running as  a Democrat.

Jeff Dillon and Sherri Ybarra face off in the Republican primary for superintendent of public instruction, while Allen Humble and Cindy Wilson are running for the office as Democrats.

G. Richard Bevan is running unopposed to retain his seat on the Idaho Supreme Court, as are David W. Gratton and Jessica M. Lorello for appellate court judge. District 1 judges also running unopposed include Barbara Buchanan, Cynthia K.C. Meyer, Lansing L. Haynes, Rich Christensen and Scott Wayman. John T. Mitchell runs to retain his office against Douglas A. Pierce.

For District 1 state senator, Vera Gadman is running as a Democrat, while Danielle Ahrens, Scott Herndon and Jim Woodward are running as Republicans. Democrats will choose between Bob Vickaryous and Ellen Weissman for District 1 representative seat A, while Republicans will vote for Mike Boeck or Heather Scott. Representative Seat B Democratic candidate Stephen F. Howlett and Republican candidate Sage G. Dixon are running unopposed.

For Bonner County assessor, Dennis Englehardt, Donna Gow and Richard Miller are running as Republicans, Shirley Kolm as a Democrat and Wendel Bergman as unaffiliated. Michael Rosedale is running unopposed as a Republican for Bonner County clerk. Robert Beers is running as a Republican for county coroner, while Cheryl Piehl is running as a Republican for county treasurer.

Glen Bailey, G.Bruce Hollett and Steven Bradshaw are running as Republicans for District 1 commissioner, while Patricia J. Wentworth  is running as a Democrat. Dan McDonald and Carol Kunzeman are running as Republicans for District 2 commissioner, while Stephen Lockwood  is running as a Democrat.

Depending on a resident’s voting precinct, they will be asked to name a precinct committeeman or woman.

Finally, county residents will give an advisory vote on whether or not they favor Scotchman Peaks being protected as a wilderness.

The Reader will continue to publish profiles of candidates running in the primary election each week leading up to the vote on May 15.

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