Tour de Thrift: an annual tradition in making (and saving) money

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

There’s no better feeling after a shopping trip than knowing you got a great deal—unless, of course, you happen to support an excellent cause at the same time.

Shoppers who turn out for Tour De Thrift are sure to experience that feeling every time they hit one of the area’s 10 participating thrift stores. Throughout Saturday, March 24, patrons will find one-of-a-kind deals on all manner of second-hand clothing and items. What’s more, participants will have the chance to win one of several prizes that will send them on a getaway at a nearby resort or hotel.

“These are really awesome … because people would really love a change of scenery for a night,” said Katherine Deacon, manager of Panhandle Thrift Store.

This year, 10 local thrift stores are participating: Bizarre Bazaar, Azalea Handpicked Style, Now and Then, Violet, The Cottage, Once Again, Sanctuary Seconds, Goodwill, The Cove and Panhandle Animal Shelter Thrift Store. Each location has selected a nonprofit to benefit, and a portion of all sales made throughout the day will be donated to the selected beneficiary. Just drop by during the business’ regular business hours to get in on the action.

After they shop, participants have the chance to win one of several getaways. The options include a night at Talus Rock, two nights at Stone Ridge Resort, one night at Coeur d’Alene Casino and one night at the Quality Inn in Sandpoint.

According to Deacon, Tour De Thrift is a great way to spruce up a wardrobe for the year and find some excellent deals, not to mention shake off the cobwebs now that spring is on the way.

“(Tour De Thrift) was started to create excitement after the doldrums of winter,” she said

Be sure to gather up your friends Saturday, March 24, and if you can, complete the full tour. You’ll make some great memories and are guaranteed to leave some very happy nonprofit workers in the wake of your shopping spree.

“For us, it’s a really good day,” said Deacon.

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