City to host trio of workshops on sidewalk conditions

By Reader Staff

The city of Sandpoint is hosting a workshop Thursday, June 18, addressing sidewalks as part of its Multimodal Transportation Master Plan.

According to the city, “The pedestrian network in Sandpoint is vital to the multimodal transportation system,” and the purpose of the workshop is to evaluate “existing conditions in the network and prioritiz[e] locations (routes, segments and intersections) that are in need of improvement to better serve the community.

Three sessions of the workshop will be offered in an effort to respect social distancing, and participants will be limited to 20 per session. Each session will be divided into small groups of five people and one city staff member. A city consultant will lead the groups through the process of evaluating existing sidewalk conditions, determining primary and secondary networks, pinpointing where improvements are needed and looking at how to prioritize the work. 

Participants are asked to RSVP by selecting the time that works best for them via an online poll at

All residents are encouraged to attend and if more attendees are interested than the three sessions can accommodate, staff will schedule another workshop.

“If you care about sidewalks, we care about your input,” the city stated in a news release, adding that feedback gathered at workshops “will directly influence the master plan, project priorities and assist the city in future considerations of sidewalk maintenance.”

The two-hour workshop will take place at City Hall in the Council Chambers, 1123 Lake St.

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