City adopts strategic plan

By Cameron Rasmusson
Reader Staff

The Sandpoint City Council passed a strategic plan Wednesday identifying priorities to work toward between 2018 and 2020.

Under the plan, the city identifies five broad strategic priorities: a responsive government, resilient economy, sustainable environment, vibrant culture and livable community. The plan has been in the works for almost two years and serves as a guide for all resource allocation and council decisions in the years to come

“This really spanned over two councils,” said Mayor Shelby Rognstad. “It began in early 2017, and many new staff are here as well. I feel like this has been well-vetted and is a quality product.”

The plan documentation also identifies several specific projects that satisfy one or more of the five strategic priorities. For instance, optimized storm water management is considered a goal that advances a responsive government, a resilient economy, a sustainable environment and a livable community. Other projects on the list include refined city codes, optimized fire and police services, diversified housing mixes, the acquisition of the University of Idaho Boyer property and more.

Development of the plan kicked off in early 2017 with a series of workshops conducted by Roger Woodworth of Mindset Matters. The plan developed in more detail with additional workshops in 2018.

“Informed discussions, thoughtful deliberations, and consensus-driven decisions have been hallmarks of this process,” the strategic plan concludes. “With a clear framework for the future and specific near-term priorities, the city continues to strengthen the alignment of its actions and aspirations.”

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