State returns to Stage I fire restrictions

Campfires allowed in North Idaho parks for Labor Day Weekend

By Reader Staff

As a spate of regional wildfires and numerous smoke-filled days have given way to cooler, wetter weather, the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation announced Aug. 30 that the state would shift to Stage I fire restrictions. That means campfires will be allowed in designated facilities at all Idaho state parks, including those within the state’s five northernmost counties, where Stage II restrictions had been in effect since early August.

Just in time for the Labor Day weekend, Saturday, Sept. 2-Monday, Sept. 4, fires will now be allowed in park-provided facilities, such as metal campfire rings, at Farragut, Heyburn, Priest Lake, McCroskey and Round Lake state parks. Also allowed are enclosed gas, propane or butane camp stoves with an on/off switch.

Portable charcoal grills and wood-burning stoves remain off limits at parks during Stage I. Smoking is allowed in vehicles or buildings, where otherwise allowed, and outdoors in areas that are three feet in diameter, free of flammable material.

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