Chamber of Commerce seeks T-shirts for Paradise

Sandpoint knows a thing or two about battling wildfires, particularly when it comes to the homes and property that can be lost in the destruction

That’s why the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce is bringing together local businesses, nonprofits and residents to assist Paradise, Calif., during its time of need. Chamber staffers are organizing a T-shirt drive to collect leftover clothing from races, fundraisers and events. The chamber alone has several hundred leftover shirts from past Scenic Half marathons, and if their guess proves correct, there are likely many more shirts sitting around from the dozens of special events that occur in Sandpoint each year.

“We are a non-profit organization, so we don’t have money to give; but we do have T-shirts. This community needs everything, so why not help in our own small way,” said Chamber President and CEO Kate McAlister in a press release.

According to Kristin Carlson, Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce communications specialist, everyone in North Idaho knows that a tragic wildfire could just as easily happen here. Driven by that basic sense of empathy, drive organizers are seeking both leftover shirts and donations for shipping costs. The Chamber has already received T-shirt donations from The Bulldog Bench, The Festival at Sandpoint and Dave Scherbarth, as well as cash donations from community members.

The T-shirts will be sent to Chico, Calif., the closest unaffected distribution center, which will then donate the shirts among individuals affected by the Paradise fires. Should any money remain from the shipping donations, it will be given to the Paradise Rotary Foundation.  

If you would like to contribute T-shirts or funds for shipping, call the Greater Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce at 208-263-2161 or drop off your donations at 1202 N Fifth Ave. The Chamber would like to mail the care packages by this Friday, Nov. 16

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