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A personal story

By Dorothy Prophet
Reader Contributor

It started when she was 5. It was simple enough, starting with touching non-private parts, tickling and hugging, and moving on from there. Then it …

Dads, motorcycles, golf and beer

By Ben Olson
Reader Staff

Father’s Day is Sunday, so I thought I’d cover a few topics that the dads out there might enjoy; motorcycles, golf and beer.

I rode …

The Lumberjill: Priorities

By Jen Jackson Quintano
Reader Columnist

Sometimes, I am guilty of not being the best mom.

Sometimes, I am distracted. (A lot of the time, actually.)

Sometimes, I can be …

On the end of the school year

By Lyndsie Kiebert-Carey
Reader Staff

By the time this story makes it into newsprint and the hands of our readers, I’ll be neck-deep in the final two days of school.…

The massacre of children

By Adrian Murillo
Reader Contributor

There are some crimes that are so monstrous it hurls you far beyond your fear of the perpetrators or those agitators who urge them on. …


  • An appeal to reason… Dear Editor, We here in Idaho are at great risk of being victims of gun violence.  We are not protected by state laws, which could limit the purchase of assault-type weapons, nor are we protected by thorough background checks of any person wanting to buy a gun. Anyone who is afraid, angry, ...
  • Creative immigration policy… Dear Editor, I believe in very strict immigration policies. I think that all people on the North American continent who are decedents of immigrants that arrived here in the last 350 years should be sent back from whence their ancestors came. We were not invited to visit or move here from the countries ...
  • Refugee situation… Dear Editor, This letter is regarding your stand on the refugee situation. First of all, I found it very interesting that you printed only one letter opposed to letting them into our country. The letter from Rachel Castor, regarding white American Christian males, I would like to know where she got her ...
  • Dan McDonald’s commentary… Dear Editor, Dan MacDonald’s commentary in the December 10th Reader asserts that the Pakistani woman involved in the San Bernardino mass shooting had been vetted by the State Department. So although the refugee screening process is rigorous and comprehensive, maybe it’s not airtight. Clearly, the only solution is to ban them ...
  • The Problem with US… Dear Editor, The wealthy elite, especially in the southern United States, recognized during the late 18th Century in America that they were outnumbered by enslaved people at a ratio of about 9:1. There was also an additional populace of white indentured servants and natives that were abused or not paid as ...
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