An appeal to reason…

Dear Editor,

We here in Idaho are at great risk of being victims of gun violence.  We are not protected by state laws, which could limit the purchase of assault-type weapons, nor are we protected by thorough background checks of any person wanting to buy a gun.

Anyone who is afraid, angry, hateful, or feels persecuted, isolated, alienated and alone, or wishes to suppress other’s freedom of choice or religion and wants to impose their own ideology can get a gun.

Furthermore, public statements made by local officials, as well as by Donald Trump and others nationally, with the purpose of instilling fear or hatred and advocating the exclusion of any religion, group or race of people could incite a deranged person to commit violence against innocent victims.

Now is the time to address our fears with reason.  We call upon our legislators to pass gun laws which will protect us and help prevent further mayhem and violence.

Sandra E. Deutchman
Philip A. Deutchman

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