Bonner General Health Community Hospice welcomes Dr. Jade Dardine

By Reader Staff

Bonner General Community Hospice is expanding its team to include Dr. Jade Dardine.

Dardine moved to Sandpoint at the age of 13 and attended Sandpoint High School. She has fond memories of spending summer nights camping on her family’s property up Rapid Lightning Road.

Dr. Jade Dardine.

Previously her parents and now brother own the Pack River Store. She has another brother here in town, and they all have kids around the same age. 

“It’s wonderful to be able to raise our children with the support of extended family,” said Dardine. As a family, Jade, her husband and two children love soccer, skiing, hiking, backpacking and yoga.

Dardine attended medical school at the University of California, San Francisco, and completed family medicine training in a community hospital in East Los Angeles.

Additionally, she lived and worked in northern India in 2004 and 2008, serving alongside a local community doctor to help develop a program to train rural health promoters. 

“It was during this time that I was first able to truly experience birth, death, ceremony, trauma — all of the parts of life that require us to stop and bear witness and to come to understand the privilege of doing so,” said Dardine.

Between medical school and residency, Dardine completed a postdoc at UCLA in a biochemistry research lab and was recently published in the journal Science.

“Both during medical school and residency, I was fortunate to have excellent exposure and mentoring on my palliative care rotations and have always had an interest in end-of-life care,” said Dardine. “My specific interest is being a strong patient advocate and translating the patient’s condition to the patient and their family culturally and sensitively. What I have learned about the dying process from my experiences worldwide is how many different ways there are to experience death. We meet people where they are.”

She added: “I see the role of hospice as supporting people and their families through this final phase of life, and I’m excited to be able to support this interdisciplinary team in their work.”

Visit or call Bonner General Health Community Hospice at 208-265-1179 for more information.

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