Bonner Co. Human Rights Task Force awards nearly $20K in grants

By Reader Staff

The Bonner County Human Rights Task Force has completed its awards review process for 2021, granting $18,925 to the community to help fund activities and programs that support and promote human rights.

Grant recipients this year include Bonner Community Food Center, Community Cancer Services, Music Conservatory of Sandpoint, Better Together Animal Alliance, Panhandle Community Radio, the Panida Theater Committee, Pend Oreille Arts Council, Priest River Ministries, Project 7B, Sandpoint Waldorf School, Sandpoint Youth Center, Unique Center for Athletes of All Needs, and Foundation for Human Rights Action and Advocacy.

The projects receiving funding contribute to creating kits of food and toiletries for at-risk teens; provide transportation for cancer treatment; make scholarships available to students of the Music Conservatory; help cover costs of medical treatment for pet owners who cannot afford them; fund films addressing human rights issues to be shown without cost; contribute to a “Living Voices” production for Lake Pend Oreille School district and the community; help provide shelter and safety for women and children to escape domestic violence; help provide tools for county residents to participate in land-use planning; purchase literature for students that reflects racial, ethnic, socio-economic and gender diversity; fund activities and training at the Sandpoint Youth Center; buy adaptive fitness equipment for special needs children and adults; and fund the continuation of the Erik Brujhell Scholarship.

The BCHRTF looks at human rights from a broad perspective when making decisions about grant applications, including those socio-economic rights listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the rights of individuals to be free from discrimination and harassment.

Next year’s grant cycle will open in March 2022. Nonprofit organizations, schools and governmental entities are eligible to apply.

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